ROVER Portal Rebuild

ROVER Portal Rebuild

The newly rebuilt ROVER portal is expected to go live in June 2024. We will publish the outage dates on this page in April 2024. 

What will change in ROVER?

The Register of Approved Vehicles public search site and ROVER portal will be rebuilt. The IT platform that both systems are based on will no longer be supported to the standard required to protect the data we collect, so a rebuild is necessary to ensure this data is not vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

The newly built ROVER system will look similar to the current site and includes design changes that will make it easier (less clicks) to add, edit and update information in your applications. This release incorporates changes based on users’ feedback and it will be easier to submit complex applications. 

We will provide detailed information about the changes in the coming weeks.

ROVER resources for the newly built system

A range of resources will be available to support ROVER users with the changes being introduced. Resources will be added here as we approach the release date.