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What is an approved testing facility

Under the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation, an approved testing facility tests road vehicles and/or road vehicle component for compliance with:

  • national road vehicle standards known as Australian Design Rules (ADRs), or
  • standards determined by the Minister under subsection 89(2) of the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019
  • or both.

The test results may be used as supporting evidence by applicants for type approvals, component type approvals and Model Report approvals to demonstrate compliance with vehicle standards.

What has changed from the Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 (MVSA)?

Under the RVS legislation, a test facility must apply to the department for an approval. The Secretary of the department (or delegated decision-maker) decides whether or not to grant an approval and which standards they are approved to test against.

Why do I need an approval for a testing facility?

Applicants for type approvals, component type approvals and Model Report approvals must obtain test reports from approved testing facilities to demonstrate compliance with applicable national road vehicle standards.

If a test facility registered in RVCS intends to continue to test road vehicles or road vehicle components for compliance with the applicable road vehicle standards, it must apply for a testing facility approval under the RVS legislation.

Who can apply for testing facility approval?

An individual or company that tests road vehicles and road vehicle components may apply for a testing facility approval.

A testing oversight body, (an individual or company with accredited authorisation and technical qualifications to witness the testing of road vehicles or road vehicle components) may also apply for a testing facility approval, further information about testing oversight bodies is in the Guide to testing facilities.

How do I apply for a testing facility approval?

To apply for a testing facility approval, you must first create an account in ROVER, the department's online applications and approvals portal. Once you have created an account, you can complete the online application form for a testing facility approval in ROVER and pay the application fee.

Further details are available in the Guide to Testing Facilities and How to sign in to ROVER.

Are there fees and levies?

Yes. The Australian Government recovers the costs of activities relating to the administration of the RVS legislation from industry participants. If an approval is granted, testing facilities must pay an annual levy. The annual levy is payable in advance, when an approval is granted and annually from then on while the approval is in force.

These fees and levies are set out in the RVS legislation fees, charges and payments.

Please note, applications are not complete until the application fee has been paid through ROVER. Applications will not be considered until your payment has been received.

The decision-maker must decide on your application within legislated timeframes under section 113 of the Rules. As you progress through the application process in ROVER, you can view the status of your application at various stages.

List of approved testing facilities

A list of approved testing facilities is available on the ROVER portal homepage. The list is updated regularly. Testing facilities may opt out of having their details published even if they have been approved.