Working from Home research report

BCARR has released its findings on the effects of social, demographic and spatial factors on Work from Home uptake and capability in a new research report.

Working zones update

This fact sheet provides an update to the Working zones geography following the 2021 Australian Statistical Geography Standard.

Population trends BCARR Migration Geography

This fact sheet provides an overview of Australian population trends over the five years from 2016 to 2021, using the BCARR migration geography based on six regional categories.

Supplementary analysis—Telecommunications Services and Productivity

In this supplementary analysis, the BCARR uses a growth accounting framework to examine the multifactor productivity performance of telecommunications-intensive activity at an industry level.

Productivity impacts from improved broadband—Report

In this paper, the Bureau of Communications Arts and Regional Research (BCARR) looks at the link between broadband and productivity growth at the individual business level.

Understanding regional data: Industry

This fact sheet provides a guide for finding and analysing regional industry data. It also describes methods for constructing key indices of industrial diversity and structural change across regions.

5G for Australians

This release summarises information on current and future use cases for the fifth generation (5G) of mobile networks. 5G networks are being deployed across Australia and many people are now using 5G mobile devices.

South East Queensland 12 LGAs factsheets

The 12 LGA factsheets are based on the findings of the report. Key findings include: