The Air Traffic Policy Branch within the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is a key adviser to Government on air traffic management policy.

  • On 17 January 2017 the Government announced a $12 million investment in a two year program looking into the future of positioning technology in Australia.  The program can test the potential of SBAS technology across the four transport modes – aviation, maritime, rail and road – as well as other industry sectors.

  • Australia's Air Traffic Management Plan (ATMP) outlines Australia"s current ATM system including the roles and responsibilities of Government agencies and industry.  The plan also sets out Australia"s key challenges, priorities and initiatives in ATM planning.

  • The completion of the rollout of Barometric Vertical Navigation (Baro-VNAV) approach to landing procedures in Australia represents a significant contribution to the reduction of risk of controlled flight into terrain during approach and landing operations.

  • Release of the 2015 Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Flight Priorities Review Report and draft AIP ENR 1.4–10

  • The Aviation Policy Group's (APG) role is to enhance cooperation and coordination across the four Commonwealth Government agencies responsible for aviation policy, regulation and service provision.