National Freight & Supply Chain Strategy

To position Australia to meet its emerging freight and supply chain challenges the Transport and Infrastructure Council endorsed the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and National Action Plan on 2 August 2019. The Strategy and Action Plan set an agenda for integrated national action across all freight modes over the next 20 years and beyond.

Developed by all Australian governments with extensive input from industry, the Strategy commits to national action in four critical areas:

  • smarter and targeted infrastructure
  • enable improved supply chain efficiency
  • better planning, coordination and regulation
  • better freight location and performance data

The Strategy and Action Plan show in a joined up way, the actions that all governments are taking to respond to Australia’s freight challenges and provide a baseline for further reforms.

For more information please go to the Strategy website

Commonwealth contribution to National Action Plan

On 22 November 2019, the Australian Government released arrangements that it would take to implement the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and associated National Action Plan. Together with state and territory governments’ arrangements, the Australian Government’s implementation plan is available at

This builds on the Delivering on Freight PDF: 14821 KB brochure published in April 2019, which showcased the Australian Government’s commitment to address industry’s priorities, including improving heavy vehicle access to local roads, improving availability and sharing of freight data and investing to address pinch points in key freight corridors.

Freight data

The Commonwealth has committed to designing a National Freight Data Hub, including arrangements for data collection, protection, dissemination and hosting, and the establishment of a freight data exchange pilot to allow real-time access to freight data. See National Freight Data Hub page  for the latest information.

To inform the development of the National Freight Data Hub, the Australian Government commissioned the iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre to review the freight data needs for industry and government, and how better data could improve operational and planning decision-making in the freight sector. The iMOVE report can be found below.

Report PDF: 2567 KB
Appendix A PDF: 173 KB
Appendix B PDF: 2369 KB
Appendix C PDF: 1447 KB
Appendix D PDF: 2259 KB
Appendix E PDF: 983 KB