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Christmas Island travel information

For more information visit the Christmas Island Tourism website.

Air services

The Australian Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (the Department), provides significant investment in underwriting air services to the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT), as these services are not commercially viable.

Virgin Airlines operates an air service between Perth and Christmas Island. Refer to the Virgin Australia website for specific flight details.

Flights from Jakarta and Kuala Lumper to Christmas Island also operate once a week. For more information please visit the Christmas Island Tourism website.

A freighter aircraft operates from Perth to Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands each fortnight on a Friday (see Services section below for freight arrangements).

Time difference

Christmas Island is one hour behind Australian Western Standard Time (WST), and three hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Daylight saving is not observed on Christmas Island.

Customs and immigration

Passports and visas are not required when travelling to Christmas Island from the Australian mainland. However, photographic identification, such as an Australian Driver's Licence or Proof of Age card, must be produced for each passenger (including children) for clearance through Customs and Immigration. A valid passport meets this identification requirement and is the preferred means of documentation to expedite passenger processing and provide passenger identification in the case of a flight diversion to another country.

Normal Australian Customs and Immigration procedures apply when entry is made from outside Australia. A passport is necessary and a visa may be required. Refer to your travel agent or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further details.

Duty free purchases may be made for travel to and from Christmas Island.


Christmas Island is home to some unique endemic species of wildlife. It is also free of many pests and diseases that are found in other parts of the world. The Department of Agriculture is the border agency charged with the task of protecting the environment and human health from pests or disease incursions. The Department's objective is to facilitate the movement of passengers, cargo, aircraft and vessels in a way that minimises any inconvenience to the people involved, while maintaining the quarantine integrity of the island. This is achieved through various reporting, screening, inspection and treatment mechanisms. Certain products are prohibited on the island while other items may require some form of treatment before they can be released.

Any person wishing to know more about the quarantine requirements on Christmas Island should contact the Indian Ocean Territories office on telephone: 08 9164 7456, fax: 08 9164 7468, mobile 0439 215 456 or email

Importation of cats and dogs

The importation of dogs and cats into Christmas Island is prohibited by the Importation of Dogs and Cats Ordinance 1973, due to concerns about environmental, social, cultural, animal health and welfare issues.

The Administrator has the discretion to approve the importation of a dog if it is an assistance animal. If a person wishes to import an assistance animal, an application in writing can be made to the Administrator of the Territory of Christmas Island at PO Box 868, Christmas Island Indian Ocean WA 6798.

The Shire of Christmas Island has a local law in respect of dogs and cats. Further information may be obtained from the Shire of Christmas Island's website or by phone 08 9164 8300.



A range of hotel and self contained accommodation is available on Christmas Island. Details and bookings are available through the Christmas Island Tourism website or by email at It is highly recommended that bookings be made prior to arrival on the island.

Restaurants, bars and shopping

There are a number of restaurants, cafes and bars on the Island offering a range of dining experiences including western, Malay and Chinese cuisine.

Christmas Island is serviced by small shopping areas located at the Barracks and Temple Court in Settlement, Poon Saan, the Kampong, Drumsite and the airport. The range of goods is not extensive and includes general groceries, clothing, sporting goods, souvenirs, photography supplies, electrical goods, furniture and whitegoods. There is also a newsagency and chemist on the Island. It is advised that you bring a sufficient supply of certain personal goods such as prescription medicines.


Westpac Banking Corporation has a branch on the island offering full banking services including foreign currency exchange. The Christmas Island Post Office is also a Commonwealth Bank agency and provides services for many banks including Citibank, Statewest, Bankwest, Metway, Hong Kong Bank of Australia and Adelaide Bank. EFTPOS and credit card facilities are also available as well as cash advances from credit cards of up to AUD$800 per day.

There is one generic Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) on Christmas Island.

Postal services

The Australian Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development (the Department), provides significant investment in underwriting air services to the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT), as these services are not commercially viable.

Through this investment, mail to the IOT can be uplifted via five air services provided per fortnight, including a twice-weekly Regular Public Transport (RPT) service, and a dedicated fortnightly air freighter service.

Australia Post and its licensees are responsible for the delivery of mail to the IOT and meeting customer service requirements for mail.

Freightshop coordinates the delivery of air freight to the IOT, including mail lodged with Australia Post, in consultation with Virgin Australia Regional Airlines (VARA) and Toll Logistics.

It is important to understand that cargo space on the RPT services is limited, with passenger numbers, excess baggage, runway conditions and weather at all airports (including alternate airports) impacting on the amount of freight that can be uplifted.

Air freight is prioritised according to the following categories based on the critical nature of the goods:

•           Category 1 – Aircraft on Ground Spares
•           Category 2 – Life-Saving Medical
•           Category 3 – Perishables
•           Category 4 – Australia Post Mail
•           Category 5 – Priority General Cargo
•           Category 6 – General Cargo

In the event that air freight, including mail, cannot be uplifted due to capacity constraints, goods will generally be transported on the next available flight.

Any queries about mail deliveries should be referred to Australia Post.

For additional information regarding air freight uploads, including lodgement times, please contact Freightshop at, or on 08 9477 6088.

Fact Sheet PDF: 167 KB

The Post Office provides full postal and philatelic services, including special Christmas Island stamps and first day covers. Postal services to Christmas Island are weekly. Envelopes and Express Post Packages will be sent by air. All other post, including airmail packages, will be sent via seamail which may take up to two months for delivery. For further information you may contact the Christmas Island Post Office on 08 9164 8495 or


Freight to Christmas Island may be sent by air or sea. Air freighter services depart from Perth, every fortnight. Sea freight is from Fremantle, Western Australia every four to six weeks.

For further information:

Passenger transport services and car hire

A number of car hire companies operate on Christmas Island and can provide standard cars and four wheel drives. Pickup and delivery can be arranged from the airport. A passenger transport service is available for shorter trips and sightseeing. Bookings in advance are advised and can be arranged through Christmas Island Tourism.


Christmas Island receives the standard digital television channels from Western Australia. Radio 6RCI is the local radio station, transmitting on 105.3FM from Rocky Point and 102.1FM from Drumsite. Transmissions are in English, Malay and Chinese. Christmas Island also receives Red FM—a commercial station based in West Australia as well as ABC Radio and JJJ FM.

Christmas Island has full STD access by phone or fax to and from the Australian mainland. The area code is +61 8 international or 08 domestic. Public phones are available at various locations across the Island. The Telstra GSM mobile network operates on Christmas Island. Phones, SIM cards, mobile accessories and phone cards may be purchased on Island. Contact IOCOMM Technologies on 08 9164 8505 for further information.

Fax and other business services are available through the Post Office.

Internet and other services such as photocopying and printing are available at the Christmas Island Visitors Information Centre.


Electricity (consumer voltage 240V 50hz) is generated by diesel plants in the power station located on the island, and is operated by the Indian Ocean Territory Power Authority.


Water is pumped from underground sources. The water supply is managed and maintained to Australian Standards by the Water Corporation under contract to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities & Regional Development.


Australian Government information including Community Bulletins, Updates and Media Releases can be found here. The Shire of Christmas Island produces a fortnightly newsletter, The Islander, which is available from various shops on the Island.


There is a wide range of recreational activities and facilities available on the Island for visitors and residents alike. The Christmas Island Visitors Information Centre can provide information on the activities and facilities. Notices of events are posted in the local Newspaper, The Islander, and on the blackboards at the Roundabout.

Christmas Island National Park covers approximately 63 per cent of the Island and contains large tracts of tall rainforest, beaches, caves, freshwater streams and waterfalls as well as rare plants, bird life and other wildlife. A Visitor's Centre is operated by Parks Australia at Drumsite where advice on plants, wildlife and sightseeing is provided. The park is accessible by road and there are many walks along boardwalks or tracks. Guided tours are also available.

Spectacular fish, corals, rock formations and caves provide exciting snorkelling and diving opportunities on Christmas Island, from both the shore and by charter boat. The famous migration of large numbers of red crabs occurs between October and January each year. Whale sharks are also seen at this time. There are many vantage points to watch birds, some unique to Christmas Island, such as the Christmas Island Frigate Bird and the majestic Golden Bosun.

A recreation centre at Phosphate Hill provides a modern swimming pool, gym and sports hall. A crèche and café also operate at the centre. Golf can be enjoyed at the Christmas Island Golf Club. For more information visit the Christmas Island Tourism website.

The outdoor Cinema operates every Saturday Night at Poon Saan, even when it is raining. Check the blackboard or The Islander for the week's movie.

Many events are held throughout the year to celebrate the varied cultural aspects of Christmas Island such as Australia Day, Chinese New Year, Anzac Day and Territory Day. Visitors are welcome to join these celebrations and details are available through the Christmas Island Tourism website.


The relaxed attitude of the islands is reflected in the casual attire worn by residents and visitors. Business dress is smart casual. A hat, sunscreen and insect repellant is recommended when outdoors, and strong walking shoes are necessary for the jungle. Reef shoes or sandshoes should also be worn near the water to avoid injury from stone fish and coral.

When visiting the Kampong, appropriate attire should be worn to respect the Islamic community. Women and men are asked to wear modest outfits which cover the shoulders and upper legs.


Special vaccinations and medications are not required for travel to Christmas Island.

It is important to ensure that supplies of personal medications are brought for the duration of intended travel, as supplies of special medication may be limited and could take up to a week to obtain. Pharmaceuticals and general supplies are available from the chemist.

A small hospital operates on Christmas Island providing essential health services. People sustaining serious illness or injuries may be sent to Perth for treatment. It is important for people to check their health and travel insurances when planning a trip to Christmas Island.

Information for visiting yachts

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean at latitude 10°30‘ south and longitude 105°40" east.

Christmas Island welcomes visiting yachts. Moorings, water and bathroom facilities are provided at Flying Fish Cove.

On or before arrival please contact Customs and Immigration on 08 9164 7228 or VHF channel 16 or 82 (local repeater system), tie up to an available mooring and display the yellow quarantine flag.

To avoid damage to coral, anchors must not be dropped in Flying Fish Cove. It is necessary to clear quarantine, Customs and Immigration before disembarking.

There is a small charge for mooring. For further information contact the Harbour Master at, VHF channel 16 or 82 or phone 08 9164 8434.

Fuel is available by contacting Gaseng Petroleum on 08 9164 8313 or 0439 215 058.


Further information may be obtained from the following organisations.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities & Regional Development
111 Alinga Street

GPO Box 594

Switchboard: +61 2 6274 7111
Media enquiries: 1300 732 749 or

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities & Regional Development
Christmas Island

PO Box 868
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 7901

Office of the Administrator
PO Box 868
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 7960

Christmas Island District High School
PO Box 866
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 8546
Fax: 08 9164 8544

Christmas Island Tourism
PO Box 63
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 8382
Fax: 08 9164 8080

Indian Ocean Group Training Association
PO Box 457
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 7220
Fax: 08 9164 7129

Indian Ocean Territories Health Service
PO Box 865
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 8333

Virgin Australia Airlines
Australia: 13 67 89
New Zealand: 0800 67 0000
Other International Locations: +61 7 3295 2296

Christmas Island National Park - Parks Australia
PO Box 867
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 8700

Shire of Christmas Island
PO Box 863
Christmas Island
Phone: 08 9164 8300
Fax: 08 9164 8304