Need for Wireless Connectivity

Learn more about how wireless connectivity provides access to essential services for people both inside and outside their home, and for critical workers in our communities. This video explains the crucial role it plays everyday life.

Access to modern telecommunications technologies, such as wireless connectivity are essential in today’s highly digital world.

With more services and applications moving to online only models the need for reliable and stable wireless networks is more important than ever, to support this increased demand. 

Homes across Australia rely on this connectivity on a daily basis to access working from home facilities, remote learning, personal administration and tele health support, as well as entertainment and other applications.
But it isn’t just your personal use that makes this connectivity essential, schools, hospitals, businesses and emergency services in your community also rely on this technology to undertake daily operations. 

For wireless networks to provide adequate coverage in communities, carrier’s need to install the telecommunications infrastructure enabling this connectivity in close proximity to the area they are intended to service. 

In Australia there are strict safety regulations to ensure that the technology enabling this connectivity, also known as electromagnetic energy from telecommunications is researched, regulated and safe.

Learn more about the safety of EME from telecommunications in Australia.