Northern Australia Ministerial Forum

The Northern Australia Ministerial Forum is working collaboratively to realise an inclusive and contemporary vision for Northern Australia – to benefit Australians now and into the future.

The forum is made up of Australian Government ministers with responsibility for the development of Northern Australia, and their counterparts from the Queensland, Western Australian and Northern Territory governments.

The forum develops a shared vision and goals for enduring prosperity right across the north. The Ministers are working together to diversify and strengthen the north’s economy by: increasing the participation of First Nations; promoting the liveability and attractiveness of living, working and investing in the north; meeting current and future workforce needs; developing natural and economic assets; ensuring that vital infrastructure is world-class and fully funded; optimising sustainable resources; and capitalising on the north’s strategic location in the Indo-Pacific region and proximity to Asia.


Australian Government

The Hon Madeleine King MP –  Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

The Hon Linda Burney MP – Minister for Indigenous Australians

Queensland Government

The Hon Glenn Butcher MP –  Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing; and Water

Western Australia Government

The Hon Don Punch - Minister for Regional Development; Disability Services; Fisheries; Seniors and Ageing; and Volunteering

Northern Territory Government

The Hon Eva Lawler – Chief Minister; Treasurer; Minister for Major Projects; Defence Industries; Industry and Trade; Territory Development


Northern Australia Ministerial Forum - 3rd Meeting Communique PDF: 89 KB

Northern Australia Ministerial Forum - 2nd Meeting Communique PDF: 117 KB

Northern Australia Ministerial Forum - 1st Meeting Communique PDF: 123 KB