Economic assessment of the Location Incentive on Australia's screen sector

This report assesses the current and future economic benefits of one aspect of the Australian Screen Production Incentive, the Location Incentive. The report provides an early indication on the impact of the program on the Australian screen industry and economy more broadly.

The analysis finds that the Location Incentive is projected to generate over $4.3 billion of production expenditure in the Australian economy by international film and television productions through to 2026–27.

Expenditure over $4.3 billion is estimated to be spent in Australia over the duration of the incentive. Employment 108,000 jobs are estimated to be created by the incentive. Australian business 36,000 Australian businesses will be supported by the Location Incentive.

The total program funding amount of $540 million will help Australia remain competitive in attracting international film and television productions to film here. The total number of screen productions attracted to Australia by the incentive is estimated to range from 48 to 55 by 2027.

There are also expected benefits from filming in regional areas, an expansion of Australia's screen industry, greater skills development for Australian screen sector workers, as well as regional tourism and cultural impacts.

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