Online forms Help pages

This information is intended for users of the online forms for Curfew Administration provided by the department.

Accessing the Forms

If you require any assistance please contact the Curfews Administration Team.


To make an application using the online forms, follow these steps.

  1. The available forms are listed in the menu at the right hand side of the page.
  2. Start an application by clicking on the appropriate link. This will take you to a web page that looks like a form, with fields where you can type in data or select from drop-down menus.
  3. Fill in the form. Some background information for the forms is available at the following locations:
  4. Once you have completed the form, press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If you do not wish to proceed with the submission, press the “Reset” button—this will clear the form.
  5. If you have missed any mandatory fields, or filled them out with the wrong syntax, the system will show you the form again with an error message and the cursor placed on the appropriate field. Correct the information and press the “Submit” button again, repeating until error messages no longer appear.
  6. If you require a copy of the application for your records, fill in the email address field and a copy will be emailed to you.