Australian Transport Safety and Investigation Bodies Financial Sustainability Review

Our transport safety bodies are world-renowned and the Australian Government is committed to ensuring they stay operationally fit-for-purpose and are sustainably funded to carry out their responsibilities.

The Australian Transport Safety and Investigation Bodies Financial Sustainability Review (the Review) will review the operations, consider potential efficiencies and options for cost recovery of the following bodies;

  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)
  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

The Review will be undertaken over six months.

About the Review

The objectives of the Review are to identify, report and make recommendations on:

  • The extent to which agencies’ operations and associated funding arrangements/mechanisms are fit for discharging their legislative and regulatory responsibilities, and whether any changes should be considered by Government.
  • Government and non-government funding sources of safety and investigation bodies, together with current and future funding requirements (based on the efficient cost of delivery), including regarding any expected changes to each agency’s operating environment.
  • Assessment of options for government and non-government funding sources, including through cost recovery, and their likely sectoral impacts.
  • Opportunities for operational efficiencies, and how they could be implemented, including whether opportunities exist to implement risk-based frameworks or scale operations to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Any legislative or regulatory amendments required as a consequence of other recommendations made.
  • The Reviewer will consult with relevant government and industry stakeholders. The Reviewer will provide a report to the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government following the conclusion of the Review for consideration.

Terms of Reference

Who will conduct the Review?

The Review is being undertaken by an eminent person with extensive expertise in public sector financial, operations and governance appointed by The Hon Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (the Minister).

The Reviewer will be responsible for the delivery of the final report to Government by early 2024, including recommendations addressing the scope outlined above.

The Reviewer is being supported by a secretariat team within the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communication and the Arts.


Professor John Skerritt

Professor John Skerritt

Professor John Skerritt is a respected regulatory leader with extensive experience in strategic policy, operational and financing models for regulatory systems. He has led a number of regulatory functions across health, agriculture, veterinary and fisheries, and land and natural resource protection and emergency management areas. This includes supporting and implementing the results of major government reviews, modernising regulatory policies and operations including business and digital transformation, developing strengthened compliance and enforcement schemes as well as playing a lead role in the national and international harmonisation of regulation and regulatory practice.

He has extensive senior government experience, including 24 years in three Deputy Secretary/Deputy CEO roles - within the Australian Department of Health (including 10 years as Head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration), the Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio and within the Victorian Government.  Professor Skerritt also has significant experience on boards of international and national organisations, including as board chair and as chair of board audit committees.

Prof Skerritt is a Professor and Adjunct Professor respectively at the universities of Melbourne and Sydney and has a PhD and a University Medal from the University of Sydney, and international qualifications in management from London Business School and IMD Switzerland.