National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot

National Pilot, help shape the future of heavy vehicle charging

The National Heavy Vehicle Charging Pilot (NHVCP) is exploring fairer ways to fund Australia's roads in the future, with a series of on-road trials. The NHVCP aims to test alternative ways to charge heavy vehicles for their road usage based on the weight of the vehicle and distance travelled.

Current charges are based on an annual registration fee and a fuel excise. The National Pilot is exploring two methods of Road User charges—one is a manual system using hubodometers and mock permits, the second system is an automated system using telematics and mock invoices.

The Government is co-designing the on-road trials with industry. This will provide a platform for industry to inform and shape future policy.

It is important to note that no decisions have been made to change the way heavy vehicle road user charges are collected. Any decisions made by governments to move to a new way to charge heavy vehicles would be informed by the results of the trials and would be undertaken in consultation with industry.

Get involved

To get a true picture of how any potential changes to road user charges could affect the industry, it's vital to have different sized businesses involved.

We are currently recruiting for phase 3 and would like to see operators from as many industry sectors as possible, including businesses from urban, regional and remote areas across Australia.

The trials are an opportunity to test how an alternative approach to road user charging might affect your business in real time, and directly contribute to informing government decisions with your feedback.

Participation in the NHVCP is voluntary, trials are delivered in a test environment and no money will be collected. Existing heavy vehicle charges will continue to apply.

There is still time to join, if you are interested in participating contact us by:

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