Second stage of manufacture

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What is second stage of manufacture?

Second stage of manufacture (SSM) is when a base vehicle is modified to become an alternative vehicle. The base vehicle must have an RVS approval, be entered on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV) and be still a new vehicle, not been provided to the Australian market. For example, when an ambulance, motorhome or fire tender body is added to a new chassis cab.

SSM under a vehicle type approval

A second stage manufacturer can apply for a vehicle type approval that includes additions or modifications to a new base vehicle already added to the RAV under an existing vehicle type approval.

An SSM vehicle type approval application can only be made using 1 base vehicle. However, multiple SSM may be competed on the base vehicle. For example, a completed chassis cab could be modified to be dual-steer under one SSM approval. Then, the completed dual-steer chassis cab vehicle could have its gross vehicle mass upgraded under a second SSM approval.

Each SSM must have a separate application. For example, the cab-chassis modified to dual-steer would need an application, then the new SSM dual-steer base vehicle modified with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) upgrade would need a separate SSM application. The Guide to vehicle type approvals provides more details.

Entering SSM vehicle type approved vehicles on the RAV

Before a vehicle can be entered on the RAV it must be in Australia. However, in some circumstances an application for a vehicle type approval can request the vehicle be entered on the RAV while outside Australia. For example, where the vehicle will undergo SSM in an overseas country.

Vehicle type approval holders are responsible for entering the vehicle details on the RAV when all requirements and conditions under the approval have been met. When entering SSM vehicles on the RAV it is important to record the correct RAV details and entry pathway. Where the base vehicle:

  • is on the RAV, the SSM RAV entry pathway sub-category MUST be Type Approval – Second Stage Manufacture
  • is NOT on the RAV but is fitted with an identification plate by a MVSA approval holder, the SSM RAV entry pathway sub-category must be Type Approval – Standard or Type approval – Non-Standard, as applicable.

Note: It is the SSM vehicle type approval holder’s responsibility to ensure the base vehicle has already been correctly entered on the RAV, including liaising directly with the vehicle type approval holder of the base vehicle if required, before entering the SSM vehicle details on the RAV under type approval – second stage of manufacture.

The Guide to the RAV for vehicle type approval holders provides further information about entering vehicle details on the RAV using a SSM vehicle type approval.

SSM under an opted-in vehicle type approval

If you opted in your Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA) identification plate approval (IPA) for a SSM vehicle type approval, you can modify vehicles in accordance with that approval.

Please note that your MVSA IPA approval ceased on the day your opted-in vehicle type approval took effect. The Vehicle type approval opt-in arrangements webpage provides more information.

SSM under a concessional RAV entry approval – vehicle to be modified by a RAW

SSM can be completed on single vehicles, including by a registered automotive workshop (RAW) if the base vehicle:

  • is covered by a vehicle type approval
  • is on the RAV, and
  • has not been provided to the Australian market for the first time.

All SSM modifications completed by a RAW must be made according to an approved Model Report and verified by an authorised vehicle verifier (AVV).

The Vehicles to be modified by a registered automotive workshop – Overview provides further information about RAWs and SSM.

Note: The SSM vehicle must meet the requirements of ADR 61/03 – Vehicle Marking and have the relevant secure vehicle identification attached before you arrange for the modified vehicle to be verified by an AVV.

Entering a SSM vehicle modified by a RAW on the RAV

If a SSM vehicle meets all the requirements for concessional RAV entry approval (including any conditions), has been modified by an approved RAW and verified by an AVV in accordance with the approved Model Report, the AVV will enter the details on the RAV using the sub-category Concessional – RAWs - Second Stage Manufacture.

Note: The AVV must first check that the base vehicle details are already on the RAV and it has met requirements under the concessional RAV entry approval before entering the SSM vehicle details on the RAV.