Growing our creative industry

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council has released a position paper: Growing Australia's Creative Industry, exploring how digital technology can drive growth in creative industry sectors.

Prepared by the convenors of the Creative Industry Expert Working Group, Vince Pizzica and Zareh Nalbandian, the position paper has a strong focus on how connectivity and digital technology can support innovation and productivity.

The Creative Industry comprises a vibrant and growing set of sectors that blend innovation, advanced digital technologies, and a highly skilled and innovative workforce.

The position paper outlines key drivers of change for the Creative Industry. It finds the most critical drivers for growing Australia's share of the global market are interactivity in content creation and story-telling, and place-based experiences. The Working Group consulted with a number of Australia's most successful companies and innovators, and identified four key issues to be addressed to enhance productivity in the sector:

  1. Expanding IP ownership in Australia
  2. Supporting the talent and skill base
  3. Encouraging cross-over projects with other sectors
  4. Investing in digital clusters

The position paper includes real life experiences from key players in the sector who have responded to some of the challenges of digital technology uptake—as well as the impacts of COVID-19—and reaped the benefits in terms of innovation and productivity.

Read Growing Australia's Creative Industry Position Paper and case studies now.

About the Australian Broadband Advisory Council

The Australian Broadband Advisory Council (the Council) was established in July 2020 to provide advice to the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts on ways to maximise the benefits of high speed networks in key sectors of the economy.

The Council is working to explore and promote ways the NBN and other high-speed networks can be used to lift Australia's economic output and the welfare of Australians more generally. The Council's work includes identifying opportunities and barriers to realising the full potential of high speed networks and developing strategies to support Australians and Australian businesses as they recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four Expert Working Groups have been established in the areas of agriculture, construction, health and the creative industry.

For more information, visit the Australian Broadband Advisory Council working groups page.

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