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Launceston city deal

The Launceston City Deal is a ten-year partnership to make Launceston Australia's most liveable and innovative regional city, with growing incomes and falling levels of disadvantage.

The Australian and Tasmanian Governments and the City of Launceston are working together to deliver integrated investment and practical actions that build on Launceston's strengths and tackle key challenges.


Key Objectives

The Launceston City Deal will maximise Launceston's potential by focusing on the following objectives:

  • jobs and skills growth
  • business, industry and population growth
  • a vibrant, liveable city
  • innovation and industry engagement
  • a healthy Tamar Estuary.

To achieve these objectives, we are revitalising the city, improving access to education and employment opportunities, stimulating economic growth and providing local industries and businesses with the confidence to make future investments in Launceston, and the region.

By working together, all three levels of government are ensuring the support, programs and policies are in place for Launceston to succeed.

Information on the Launceston City Deal can also be found on the Tasmanian Government’s Launceston City Deal website.

2021 Annual Progress Report

The 2021 Annual Progress Report shows the significant progress made on many of the commitments under the Launceston City Deal, including:

  • Progressing the relocation of the University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus with construction well underway for all buildings in the development;
  • Improving the health and management of kanamaluka/Tamar Estuary as around 254km of fencing has been completed to prevent livestock from entering waterways, and construction commencing on upgrading the combined sewerage and stormwater system;
  • Delivering on smart cities outcomes like the first live smart traffic management system now operating in the central business district and 600 new innovative Internet of Things education kits to 40 schools with grades 3-6.
  • Commencing detailed project planning on establishing the University of Tasmania’s Defence and Maritime Innovation and Design Precinct at Newnham; and
  • Enhancing the historical Albert Hall as a cultural destination for communities with works commencing on the first two stages of redevelopment.

Three Year Implementation Review Report

  • The Launceston City Deal is making progress towards achieving the vision of making Launceston Australia’s most liveable and innovative regional city, with growing incomes and falling levels of disadvantage.
  • At the signing of the City Deal, there were 33 commitments identified for delivery by 2022, 15 of these are now complete and five additional commitments have been added.  
  • Overall, the Three Year Implementation Review found that the City Deal has been successful in aligning the three levels of government to work together to ensure the effective delivery of the City Deal, and to create a positive impact within the region beyond the City Deal commitments.

Next Steps

  • To support the review’s recommendations, an updated Implementation Plan will be developed to support delivery of the City Deal out until the end of its extended term in 2027.


  • Launceston City Deal signed
    20 April 2017
  • Implementation Workshop
    November 2017
  • Annual Progress Report
  • Annual Progress Report
  • Annual Progress Report
  • Annual Progress Report
  • Three Year Implementation Review Report
  • Updated Implementation Plan
  • End of 10 years of Launceston City Deal