Appendix 2—Information required to apply for a registered automotive workshop approval

Features of the application What do you need to do, provide or have in place?
Details about the corporation applying for a registered automotive workshop (RAW) approval Legal business entity name, trading name (if applicable), address and contact details of the corporation. It is the named corporation who will be the RAW approval holder and responsible for meeting the conditions in the approval.

The business details of the corporation such as Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), Australian Registered Body Number (ABRN) or certificate of incorporation (if located outside of Australia) will be populated from ROVER registration details.

Details about who is submitting the application and authorised by the corporation to act on their behalf If you are not the applicant, but a representative or agent of the applicant, you will need to have relevant identity and other documents authorising you to act on behalf of the corporation as the applicant. These documents will need to be verified as part of the ROVER registration process before you can access or submit the application for a RAW approval.
What is the location address of the corporation and premises where the manufacture or modification operations will be performed?

Provide physical address details where the corporation operates its main place of business, including any premises occupied by the corporation or used/accessed by the corporation in the manufacture or modification of road vehicles under the RAW approval.

If you do not have fixed premises where the modification work is performed, you will need to provide further information and explanation.

This will allow the department to contact the approval holder to arrange access to premises for inspection purposes in deciding the application and for ongoing compliance monitoring activities under the RAW approval, if granted.

Confirmation that the corporation is not in liquidation or under administration You will need to upload a valid Australian Securities and Investments Commission registration (or overseas equivalent) extract with validity dated within 30 days prior to the application’s submission date.
Details and status about each member of the key management personnel You will need to enter details for each member of the key management personnel, including date of birth to confirm each member is at least 18 years of age. You will also need to confirm that no member of the key management personnel is an undischarged bankrupt or has a personal insolvency agreement in effect under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966.
Whether the corporation or any member of the key management personnel has contravened, or may have contravened, road vehicle legislation Indicate by ticking Yes or No whether the corporation, or any member of the key management personnel, has been found to have contravened, or allegedly contravened, road vehicle legislation.

If Yes, then a statement about occurrences will need to be provided.

Where you are not sure, you can provide further details.
What is the scope of the RAW operations to be performed under the approval, if granted? Select from a drop down list all of the vehicle categories, for example MA, LA, LB, LC, LD, NA and sub categories, where applicable.

You will also need to select the intended vehicle manufacturing or modification operations the corporation will be capable of performing:

  • SEVs Register – performance criterion
  • SEVs Register – environmental criterion
  • SEVs Register – mobility criterion
  • SEVs Register – left-hand drive criterion
  • SEVs Register – campervans and motorhomes criterion
  • SEVs Register – rarity criterion
  • Used 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled vehicles not on the SEVs Register
  • Second stage of manufacture (SSM).
Information and supporting documentation demonstrating the corporation has a quality management system (QMS) to operate under a RAW approval

You must be able to demonstrate that the corporation has a QMS covering the span of operations intended to be performed, including having, or being able to access the appropriate equipment, trained/qualified personnel and procedures.

You will need to upload either a copy of a valid ISO certificate or a summary of your QMS. You may also be required to provide the full QMS documentation if requested in writing by the department.

If the approval is granted, who is the contact person to be published with the approval details? Provide the name (or suitable area of the corporation) and other details of the contact within the corporation.


That you understand the Secretary:

  • may refuse to consider the application, and that other considerations may be taken into account in deciding the application
  • may request the corporation provide additional information or inspection of premises
  • must be satisfied that the corporation meets all of the eligibility criteria to be granted a RAW approval, and
  • may take into account whether the corporation or any member of the corporation’s key management personnel has, or may have contravened road vehicle legislation.
  • May request that you provide further information or to arrange an inspection of premises to assist in deciding whether to grant a RAW approval.

That the corporation will comply with all of the conditions that the RAW approval will be subject, including:

  • manufacture and modification requirements
  • the signed RAW declaration being presented to an AVV approval holder as part of the vehicle verification
  • damage or corrosion and repair of damage or corrosion checks
  • record keeping
  • written notification of changes to key management personnel or significant changes in control of the RAW approval holder, and
  • the corporation will be able to provide information or access to premises when requested in writing by the department.

That you acknowledge that penalties apply for false or misleading information.

That the information contained in your application is true and correct, and you have not omitted any matter or thing that would be misleading.
Indicate by ticking a declaration box that the corporation agrees to all of these acknowledgments and declarations and by checking the declaration box, you acknowledge that you have signed the declaration.

The corporation is expected to have provided all relevant information and supporting documentation to meet the eligibility criteria.

The corporation is expected to have processes in place addressing the eligibility criterion about record keeping to ensure that all records relating to the operations under the RAW approval are retained by the corporation for 7 years starting on the day the record is made.

You are expected to be able to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criterion about complying with conditions in a RAW approval by ensuring that you have procedures in place that assure the decision maker that the corporation has:

  • an ability to comply with all standard and any specified conditions on the RAW approval, if granted
  • an ability to meet all other requirements of the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018, Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 or any instrument under Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation that apply to the corporation.

Offence/civil penalty provisions under the RVS legislation may apply against a breach of a condition in a RAW approval.

See also what complying with the conditions of a RAW approval means under Appendix 4 – Expectations for conditions applied to a RAW approval

Further detail about complying with conditions is at Approval Holder Responsibilities.

See also the department’s monitoring and enforcement responses under the heading – Complying with your responsibilities.