CR 222: Development of Novice Driver Education/Development Curriculum


Novice drivers continue to have a higher level of crash involvement than more-experienced drivers, with the consequence that there is ongoing interest in the development and implementation of effective road safety measures for this group. To influence and direct evidence-based practice in this popular area, the department commissioned the development of a best-practice driver education/development program for Australian novice drivers with about 6 months of solo driving experience. The department retained the authors to research and prepare a model novice driver curriculum program based on best road safety practice and contemporary psychological and educational theory. The authors were also required to develop specifications for a large-scale, crash based trial of this program in a suitable Australian jurisdiction.

This report provides an outline of the Novice Driver Coaching Program curriculum, together with a rationale for the content, orientation and emphases of the program. Other program documentation is attached as Appendices:

  • Novice Driver Coaching Program Guide sets out how the Program is to be conducted by a Coach and the source document for the training of coaches (see Appendix A).
  • Novice Driver Coaching Program: Coach Training Program summarises the prerequisites for coach selection and outlines the training requirements/program for coaches (see Appendix B).
  • Coaching Guide (Coaching Novice Drivers) a handbook for coaches covering how to coach/mentor specially written for this program which is used in coach training and as a reference for coaches conducting the program with novice drivers (see Appendix C).
  • Novice Driver Coaching Program: Auditing Procedure guidelines for the auditing of the Program to ensure that it operates consistently and in accordance with the specified curriculum (see Appendix D).
  • Evaluation Plan specifications for the proposed crash-based trialling and evaluation of the Novice Driver Coaching Program (see Appendix E).

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): Christie R, Harrison W, Johnston D
ISBN: 0 642 25527 X
ISSN: 1445-4467
Topics: Education, Licensing training, Young drivers
Publication Date: 01/12/04