Improved shock absorbing liner for helmets


This report presents the findings of the project "Improved Shock Absorbing Liner for Helmets". A special tool was developed to produce flat samples of foam made of either the new design or the current design. A total of 161 flat foam samples were manufactured and tested to the Australian Standard for motorcycle and bicycle helmets. This included 100 samples with new design and 61 samples with current design. The newly designed shock absorbing foam liner, when compared with the current liner, displayed significantly more crushing, greater timeduration (interaction), less slab-cracking and recorded peak decelerations less than the required 300 g's (g-force).

Download Complete Document: helmet_liner [PDFPDF: 289 KB]

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Topics: Bicycle, Child, Head
Publication Date: 01/01/01