The Effect of Visual Impairment on Driving Performance


This study investigates how visual impairment affects driving performance and whether this can be predicted by visual testing in a clinic. Visual impairment (cataracts, visual field restriction and monocular vision) was simulated for a group of young normal subjects. Driving performance was assessed (on a closed road circuit) by measuring peripheral awareness, manoeuvring, reversing, reaction times, speed estimation, road positioning and time to complete the course. Subjects completed a questionnaire of their own perception of their driving performance under conditions of visual impairment. Visual function was assessed by measurement using a visual search and localisation measure, a divided attention reaction time measure, and measurement of visual acuity for low contrast letters, using the Pelli-Robson charts.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Author(s): Wood & Troutbeck
Topics: Visual
Publication Date: 01/01/92