OR 11: Passenger Car Occupant Protection—Crash Test Program Report


As part of a $1 million standards development program, the Federal Office of Road safety crash tested ten cars at General Motors Holden's facility in Victoria. All aspects of this program are reported in FORS Report OR 12 - "Review of Passenger Car Occupant Protection - Main Report". Seven cars were standard Australian mass-produced vehicles. The remaining three were vehicles fitted with improved restraint systems which included emerging technology such as airbags, webbing clamp retractors, buckle pretensioners and energy absorbing steering wheels. The tests used the procedures set out in US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 which specifies injury parameters for the head, chest and legs recorded by instrumented dummies.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Other Report
Author(s): Seyer K
Topics: Occ protection, Vehicle design
Publication Date: 01/06/92