CR 58: Development of techniques for study of unsafe driver actions (1988)


This study investigates techniques for studying the incidence of unsafe driving actions (UDAs) in both the accident and normal driving population in an attempt to develop an overall plan for measuring relative crash risks of UDAs. Stage 1 re-analysed the Adelaide in-depth study (McLean et al. 1979) coding driver behaviour with definitions from previous studies. During this procedure it became apparent that an improved system for assigning UDAs was required. This led to the development of a flow chart technique, which was found to be both reliable and sufficiently detailed. Stage 2 applied the flow chart technique to police crash report forms. This resulted in too many "unknown" responses to flow chart decisions.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): D Charlesworth and P T Cairney
Topics: Crash data, Methodology
Publication Date: 01/01/88

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