CR 18: Inventory of exposure data (1980)


A survey was conducted with the aim of identifying the major sources of exposure data in Australia. For each source, the following items are listed: name and address of source, how frequently data become available (e.g. quarterly, annually), to what region the data pertain, particulars of any publications available, what supplementary information exists, the limitations that have to be taken into account when using the data, and a description of the data available. The Exposure Inventory is arranged in seven major Sections: Vehicles on Register, Vehicles in Use, Population, Drivers" Licences, Roads Inventory, Traffic Counts, and Meteorological Data. Also included is a discussion of the concept of exposure, how exposure data can be used to obtain a more meaningful interpretation of accident statistics, and the shortcomings of exposure data currently available in Australia. Recommendations are made for further data collection.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): H G Stanton
Topics: Exposure, Statistics
Publication Date: 01/12/81