General Licence Reports Summary 2013–2014

Category of Trade Cargo Description Aggregated Volume Volume/Amount Type
Container N/A 64,489 MT
Container N/A 122,252 TEU
Dry Bulk Alumina 589,941 MT
Dry Bulk Cement 1,418,339 MT
Dry Bulk Clinker 11,999 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 549,130 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 215,985 MT
Dry Bulk FlyAsh 32,660 MT
Dry Bulk Gypsum 292,304 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 4,619,664 MT
Dry Bulk Mineral Sands 23,542 MT
Dry Bulk Other 1,763,618 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 15,792 MT
General Cargo 40ft Container 4,417 MT
General Cargo Break Bulk 8,947 CT
General Cargo Break Bulk 34,960 MT
General Cargo FoodStuffs(Reefer) 3,577 MT
General Cargo FoodStuffs(Reefer) 317 Unit
General Cargo Livestock 20,000 Unit
General Cargo Other 26,750 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 4,878 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 66,942 Unit
General Cargo RoRo 289,399 TEU
Passengers N/A 418,149 Pax
Petroleum Other 105 ISO Containers
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 4,880 MT