Submissions to postal services modernisation consultation set to shape next steps

Consultation highlighted the need for well-balanced reforms to Australia Post

The consultation commenced on 2 March 2023, canvassing the modernisation of postal services and how to support the long-term financial sustainability of Australia Post.

Over 1,000 diverse stakeholders including individuals, community organisations, charities, businesses, and all levels of government provided their views and opinions on how they currently use postal services and what they would like provided by the postal service of the future.

The consultation highlighted that the way many Australians use postal services continues to evolve, and change is needed to ensure that a high quality and sustainable letters service is maintained.

With this in mind, there was support for a well-designed package of reforms that continues to support the delivery of traditional postal services, supports growth services, and underpins the long-term financial sustainability of Australia Post.

Key findings included:

  • Australians support a financially sustainable Australia Post that can continue to support communities and businesses across the country.
  • Directing resources to improve parcel services has wide support, with frequency, delivery choice and tracking all considered to be important features of a modern postal service.
  • Changes to letter delivery arrangements, particularly frequency, have broad support. Should changes be agreed by Government, it will be important for Australia Post to work with users of the letters service to support their needs into the future. This includes support for elections, the Census and priority bulk business mail.
  • Retail outlets in rural, regional and remote areas are highly valued. There is some support to optimise the retail network in metropolitan areas, expand services and better help communities (including to prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters).

These findings will assist with informing the Government’s next steps to implement a package of reforms that meets the modern needs of Australian communities and businesses, and supports Australia Post’s long term financial sustainability.

For more information about the findings of the consultation, visit the Post Service Modernisation Have Your Say page

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