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Guides and resources

To support the safety, environmental and anti-theft performance of all road vehicles being provided to the Australian market for the first time, the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation has replaced the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA).

Resources available:

Register of Approved Vehicles

Vehicle type approvals

These resources provide further information for applicants who wish to apply for a vehicle type approval.

Concessional RAV entry approval

The concessional RAV entry approval is a pathway for entering certain vehicles on the RAV that have concessions against the national road vehicle standards, but are otherwise suitable for use on public roads in Australia.

This resource provides further information for applicants who wish to apply for a concessional RAV entry approval.

Importing a road vehicle into Australia

Registered automotive workshops

Model Reports

Authorised vehicle verifiers

These resources provide further information for applicants who wish to apply to become an approved vehicle verifier.

Testing facilities

Specialist and enthusiast vehicles

Component type approvals

Low ATM trailers

High ATM trailers

Varying approvals

RVS fees and charges

RVS decision-making timeframes

ROVER resources

ROVER Templates

  • Multiple CTAs as evidence XLSX: 17 KB
    Note: If you are using multiple different approved components for one ADR, you can use this template to upload additional information as a .pdf or .jpg document with the list of components that may be used. The template can be completed, or used as a guide to the information we expect in the upload. Please ensure the full component type approval number is entered including the separator (eg. CTA-060038).
  • VINs under recall, September 2021 XLSM: 20 KB
    Note: Use this template if all affected vehicles have a standard 17 character VIN. Once you have added the VINs of vehicles under recall into this template, select the 'Save as CSV' button, then upload the .csv file to ROVER.

Refuse to consider powers

Second stage of manufacture

Guidance notes

Compliance and enforcement

Transition to Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018—Guidance Materials

This document provides the plan for how content from Administrator's Circulars and other MVSA guidance material will transition to RVSA guidance material.

Road Vehicle Standards legislation

The Road Vehicle Standards package of legislation includes:

Road Vehicle Standards Determinations

Glossary of terms

The Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation—Glossary of terms provides a comprehensive list of acronyms and terms used in RVS policies, procedures and guidance material.

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

The Cost Recovery Implementation Statement provides information on how the department undertakes cost recovery arrangements for administrative and regulatory activities under the Road Vehicle Standards legislation.