Written agreement for payment of RAV charge after vehicle entered on RAV

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Generally, the Rules require the RAV entry charge to be paid before a vehicle is entered on the RAV. However, a vehicle type approval holder may request to enter into an agreement with the department to pay RAV entry charges after vehicles have been entered on the RAV. A separate agreement is required for each RAV organisation, which may hold one or more type approvals.

The department will issue entities with an agreement to periodically invoice for the charges related to vehicles entered on the RAV via the type approval pathway since the last invoice.

This pre-approved RAV submitter form can be downloaded and completed by a road vehicle type approval holder.

After filling out the applicant’s portion of the agreement, please complete an enquiry form and upload the file.

If the department agrees, a copy of the co-signed agreement will be returned to you within 14 days of receipt. Once you have received confirmation of your agreement, ROVER will allow you to enter vehicles onto the RAV without making a payment.

You may apply for this written agreement any time after your organisation has created an account in ROVER—even if you have not yet had your vehicle type application approved. You only require one agreement per organisation, no matter how many vehicle type approvals the organisation holds.