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Phase 3 Trial - Get Involved

Phase 3 participants will test a direct road user charging model based on mass, distance and location with data collected using telematics devices. ‘Mock’ invoices comparing current PAYGO charges (fuel excise and state/territory vehicle registration) to the alternative charging model will be provided each month during the Trial.

This infographic shows how the Phase 3 Trial charging model will work.

(Click image to view a larger version, alternatively, download the PDF)

If you don't have telematics devices in your trucks you can still join the Trial. Phase 3 participants will be provided with telematics devices installed and maintained in their vehicles for the 12 months of the Trial at no cost to their business.

To get a true picture of how any potential change could affect the industry, from owner drivers, small to mid-size operators, or larger national carriers, it’s vital to have different sized businesses participate. The Trials are targeting operators in urban, regional, and remote areas from as many industry sectors as possible, with up to 100 vehicle businesses and 2000 vehicles participating across Australia.

Currently businesses across many industry sectors including refrigerated transport, removalists, general freight, forestry and logging, cranes, buses, bulk rural and livestock carriers, tankers and construction have signed on to participate.

This is an opportunity to test how an alternative approach to road user charging might affect your business in real time, and directly contribute to informing government decisions with your feedback.

It is important to note that Governments have not made any decisions to change the current heavy vehicle road user charging system.

If you would like to know more please contact the Trials team by using the contact form, email, or call us on 1800  065 113 during business hours.