National Accessible Transport Taskforce update—October 2021

The Department is currently drafting a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (Consultation RIS) for Stage 2 reforms of the Transport Standards. The Consultation RIS will include policy options for 54 areas of reform which have been endorsed by the National Accessible Transport Taskforce and National Accessible Transport Steering Committee. The Consultation RIS will be made available for public comment in early 2022.

For more information about each reform area, a summary document is available to download DOCX: 161 KB PDF: 700 KB.

The list of 54 areas of reform are available to view below, grouped into 13 key themes.

Reporting compliance and accessibility

  1. Reporting
  2. Communication of accessible features

Scope of conveyances

  1. Rideshare
  2. Dedicated school buses

Implementation of requirements

  1. Equivalent access
  2. Existing assets

Accessible boarding points and boarding devices

  1. Identification of lead stops
  2. Boarding points
  3. Nominated assistance points
  4. Signals to request boarding assistance
  5. Portable boarding edge ramp barriers
  6. Removable gangways definition
  7. Specifications for removable gangways

Signs, symbols, braille and raised lettering

  1. Height and illumination of signs
  2. Location of signs
  3. Symbols
  4. Braille and raised lettering on signs
  5. Braille information

Information communication and technologies and fare systems

  1. Fare payment systems
  2. Location of fare system elements
  3. Procurement of Information Communication Technologies

Waiting areas and appropriate seating

  1. Allocated spaces in waiting areas
  2. Priority seats in waiting areas
  3. Appropriate seats on booked services


  1. Lift specifications
  2. Escalators and travellators

Safety on-board conveyances

  1. Active restraints
  2. Passive restraints
  3. Dwell times
  4. Grabrails in allocated spaces

Conveyance and infrastructure access paths

  1. Flange gaps
  2. Continuous access on access paths
  3. Continuous handrails on overbridges and subways
  4. Doors on access paths
  5. Allocated spaces at rest points
  6. Stairs on conveyances
  7. Doorways on conveyances
  8. Grabrails in conveyances

Toilets, taxi ranks, loading zones and parking spaces

  1. Taxi ranks
  2. On-street passenger loading zones
  3. Off-street car parking areas
  4. Left and right hand toilets
  5. Ambulant toilets
  6. Emergency call buttons in toilets

Information and communication

  1. Hearing augmentation in infrastructure and premises
  2. Print size and format
  3. Timely provision of information
  4. Mobile web systems
  5. Real time communication
  6. Location during journey
  7. Hearing augmentation on conveyances
  8. Boarding and alighting assistance


  1. Lighting
  2. Poles and obstacles luminance contrast