Regulation of National Land in the Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Government is updating the laws for the management of National Land in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to ensure they are modern and fit for purpose, and is now seeking public comment on the draft ordinances.

Further information on areas of the ACT that are designated as National Land is available at

Since self-government was granted to the ACT in 1989, the Commonwealth has continued to manage areas of the ACT, known as National Land, under the National Land Ordinance 1989 (the NLO). The NLO will cease to have effect from 1 April 2022.

The Australian Government has drafted new ordinances to replace the NLO, and is calling for public comment.

The ordinances will provide for leasing upon National Land, such as diplomatic leases, and for the use of unleased National Land that is open to the public, such as parks and roads.  

The draft ordinances are now available on the Department’s website for comment at

All comments received will be published on the Department’s website, unless they are provided expressly in confidence or they contain information that is not suitable for publication.

For further information or for any enquiries, members of the public may contact (media enquiries contact below).

Media contact | 1300 732 749