Update on Norfolk Island Regional Council audit

13 August 2020

The independent audit of the Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) has now commenced, with service providers engaged and consultations commencing next week.

The elected members of NIRC requested the independent governance and financial audit of NIRC operations to be undertaken prior to the upcoming Council elections. 

The terms of reference were agreed by the councillors at an extraordinary meeting. At the request of Council, the service providers have been engaged by the department.

Due to the tight timeframes, two service providers have been engaged to conduct the audit of the governance, operations, financial performance and financial sustainability of NIRC.

The companies are Nexia Sydney Audit (Nexia), which will focus on the financial elements, and the Queensland-based Grassroots Connections Australia (GCA) which will look at governance aspects.

The aim is to complete the audit by the end of September. GCA intends to visit Norfolk Island this week, arriving 15 August 2020 to meet with Council and other key stakeholders, while Nexia will conduct its audit remotely, given current COVID-19 restrictions relating to NSW.

Contact for more information:
media@infrastructure.gov.au | 1300 732 749