Community Matters—Engaging on education

The Australian Government provides regular updates to the community on the development and progress of programs and services for Norfolk Island.

As part of the Australian Government's ongoing commitment to keeping the Norfolk Island community informed about education transition matters, departmental officers returned to the Island again this week to meet with the NICS staff and school community.

Megan Scott and Laura Sverdrupsen first met with teachers who provided a series of questions. The department will work through these with the NSW Education Department and come back with further information in coming weeks.

They also attended the P&C meeting on Wednesday night and again answered a range of questions, with some to be followed up with NSW Education Department as well. Any follow-up questions can be sent through to

Megan has offered to return for further briefings with the P&C and school community.

Megan and Laura have also spoken to a number of people about the now-finalised Norfolk Island Community Engagement Framework (CEF) and received positive feedback about the process to develop the framework and the Government's commitment to working productively with the community to achieve the best outcomes.

You can view the CEF at

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