Norfolk Island Polynesian Settlement Site at Emily Bay

As communicated in the Cultural Landscape Management Plan consultations and my KAVHA Update in the Norfolk Islander and Norfolk Online News last month, a tree removal permit has now been granted by the Council to remove a number of trees at the former Polynesian site at Emily Bay.

Work is expected to take place between the 18th and 28th of June. This work is being undertaken to safeguard the archaeology in this area that dates back to the Polynesian settlement of Norfolk Island. It is also a public safety measure given that a number of the trees are damaged or diseased.

The 22 plantation grown trees to be removed are grouped closely together in the hollow that housed the Polynesian archaeological excavations. The work is confined to this area, at the extreme west end of the pine plantation, and no other areas are affected.

A ring of mature pines will remain around the higher ground on the perimeter of the site.

This important work will open visual access and allow better interpretation of the Island's Polynesian story. Care is being taken to ensure that native flora and fauna are not unduly affected and that habitat is enhanced by the work. The trees will be felled well above ground level and stumps left to rot down naturally and the open space created, through these works, will be maintained to encourage native plant growth at the site's periphery.

Additional works are also planned around KAVHA, including improving the site's amenities. Following on from the upgrade of toilet facilities at Emily Bay, the upgrade to the toilets and changing facilities at Slaughter Bay are scheduled to start on 1 July, with work lasting for several weeks.

The restoration and provision of additional picnic benches will occur before next spring and the restoration of the BBQs will continue over winter.

I would like to apologise for any inconvenience to visitors to the site during these works, but I am sure you will all enjoy the improved facilities.

Martin Purslow—Heritage Manager, KAVHA