Community Matters

The Australian Government provides regular updates to the community on the development and progress of programs and services for Norfolk Island.

As the community is aware, in November 2018, the NSW Government advised the Commonwealth that new arrangements for the provision of health and education services on Norfolk Island will be required after June 2021. The Department is committed to continuing to engage with the community on the requirements for these critical services and informing them when decisions are made. In line with this commitment, Megan Scott and Laura Sverdrupsen will be returning to the Island for the week of 17-21 June to continue working with the NICS P&C and staff on education transition matters. They will be attending a P&C meeting on the evening of 19 June to provide an update on the work to date, so please contact a P&C representative if you would like to attend. Alternatively, if you have a question you would like answered, please send it through to

During their last visit to the Island, Megan and Laura, in conjunction with ThinkPlace Australia, undertook further consultation work with interested people on the Norfolk Island Community Engagement Framework (CEF). The CEF has now been finalised and published digitally, following the incorporation of feedback from those who attended our information sessions. You can view the CEF at Megan and Laura will be available throughout the week to meet with people who may wish to discuss the CEF and its intended use going forward, so please get in contact with us by phone on 51585 or at to set up a time. You can also drop in and see us at 11 Quality Row Tuesday-Thursday between 10-12 or 3-5.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development June 2019