The Bureau of Communications, Arts and Regional Research (BCARR) undertakes research and provides economic and data analysis on communications, arts, cities and regions to support evidence-based policy development and advice.

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NBN non-commercial services funding options—final report (March 2016)

This report quantifies the costs of providing NBN fixed wireless and satellite services, and provides options for alternative funding models.

The communications sector: recent trends and developments

The communications sector is a critical enabler of economic and social activity. Communications technology touches and transforms everyone's lives.

Open government data and why it matters

A critical review of studies on the economic impact of open government data

Leading indicators, third release

In this leading indicators release, we look at the how Australian data consumption rates are accelerating

Telsoc presentation

Telsoc presentation presented on the 24 July 2015. Telsoc powerpoint presentation 

Leading indicators, second release

In this second leading indicators release, we profile: