CR 17: A software package to identify and select treatments for hazardous utility poles - user manual - 2 volumes (1980)


This manual describes a suite of computer programs that identify and evaluate treatments for hazardous roadside utility poles. The program PRANK is used to identify the hazardous poles in the set of poles that is input to it. The program POLFIX is used to evaluate feasible treatments to a small group of utility poles. The cost of each treatment is compared against the expected benefits accruing from a decrease in accident frequency and/or severity. Included in this manual are detailed User Instructions and examples of the program use.

Download Complete Document: Poles_Hazard [PDFPDF: 1120 KB]

Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): Sinclair Knight Nairn & Partners
Topics: Road
Publication Date: 01/03/81