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Hinkler regional deal

The Hinkler Regional Deal is a 5 year commitment between the Australian Government, Bundaberg Regional Council and Fraser Coast Regional Council for the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay region and its surrounds.


The Australian Government has committed $172.9 million towards the Deal, supported by over $90 million in investment from Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Regional Councils and other key implementation partners.

Learn more about the Hinkler Regional Deal here:

Hinkler Regional Deal from Infrastructure & Regional Dev on Vimeo.

Key Themes

The Hinkler Regional Deal Implementation Plan is centred around three core themes:

Economic Development

  • Invest in job creation
  • Promote business growth
  • Develop a skilled workforce


  • Enhance the resilience of the community and the environment

Liveability and Community

  • Build strong and cohesive local communities
  • Ensure the area is a destination of choice for generations to come

Next Steps

The Hinkler Regional Deal Implementation Plan sets out governance arrangements, key milestones for projects, timeframes and who will be responsible for delivery. Delivery is occurring in partnership with a variety of government and non-government organisations, building the partnerships necessary for the region.

  • Announced Hinkler Regional Deal
    November 2018
  • Signed Vision Statement
    March 2019
  • Signed Hinkler Regional Deal Implementation Plan
    January 2020
  • Annual Progress Report
    End of 2021
  • Annual Progress Report
    Mid 2022
  • Formal Review
    Early 2023
  • End of 5 years of Hinkler Regional Deal