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South East Queensland city deal

The Australian Government, Queensland Government, and the Council of Mayors (SEQ) are working together to deliver enhanced investment for the SEQ region and generate long-lasting benefits for the community of SEQ.

The SEQ region is home to more than 3.8 million people – one in seven Australians, and has become one of the fastest growing regions in the country. To support this growth, SEQ requires a strategic vision and strong leadership that can bring the community together as a united region.

The SEQ City Deal will see all levels of government working together to deliver a better connected region through key transport projects, creation of more jobs, and protecting the region’s liveability.

The Australian Government, as a committed partner to the SEQ City Deal, will focus on infrastructure, employment and liveability to support the region’s population growth.

Key initiatives

The SEQ City Deal will deliver 31 commitments to achieve four key objectives, including:

Accelerating future jobs across SEQ

  • SEQ Innovation Economy Fund to invest in capital projects that promote and grow SEQ’s innovation economy
  • Local Digital Priority Projects to enhance digital connectivity and address local economic, business and social priorities
  • The SEQ Rail Corridor Digital Connectivity project to improve telecommunications infrastructure on selected commuter rail corridors.

A faster, more connected SEQ region

  • The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, to deliver a new active transport connection in Brisbane CBD
  • An upgraded Dunwich Ferry Terminal to improve connectivity and promote tourism to North Stradbroke Island
  • Targeted safety upgrades along the Brisbane Valley Highway

A more liveable SEQ

  • The SEQ Liveability Fund, to deliver projects that improve community facilities, urban amenity or enhance liveability
  • Resource Recovery Infrastructure to progress the region towards a circular economy
  • The Resilient Rivers Initiative, to invest in improving the health of the region’s rivers and waterways
  • A Detailed Business Case for an iconic First Nations Cultural Centre in Brisbane to showcase the unique cultures of Queensland’s First Nations peoples

Create thriving communities

  • A pilot Growth Area Compact for Caboolture West to deliver a more coordinated approach to delivering infrastructure
  • Exploration of options for the regeneration of the Toowoomba Railway Parklands Development Area
  • The Planning for Future Region Shaping Infrastructure initiative to identity the infrastructure and land use planning needed to keep pace with population growth.


  • SEQ City Deal signed
    21 March 2022
  • Implementation plan
    late 2022
  • Annual progress report
    mid 2023
  • End of SEQ City Deal