New report shows jobs of the future

A new report from NBN Co predicts that increasing connectivity, growing population and entrepreneurialism will see more than three million new jobs in Australia by 2030.

Super Connected Jobs, written by KPMG partner Bernard Salt, explores how increasing broadband connectivity can bring about drastic changes to the traditional workforce.

The report shows:

  • Three million new jobs by 2030—with a particular increase in the amount of part-time working women.
  • Significant digital transformation—for existing jobs like beauty therapists and personal trainers, and an increase in high-tech start-ups.
  • Entrepreneurialism on the rise—new start-ups and new technologies with increased connectivity will see more businesses move outside metropolitan areas.
  • Better connectivity—will increase flexibility and allow people to work from anywhere, impacting all job sectors.

Infographic—Beauty and the Geek: jobs future unveiled. 3m jobs by 2030. Not all about robot polishers. Technology transform existing jobs. Entrepreneurialism. 5 skills for future jobs: care givers, technocrats, specialist professions, doers, creatives..

The Government's commitment to connecting all Australians to high-speed broadband by 2020, no matter where they live, will continue to support innovation in the job sector.