Have you registered yet?

If you are an NRS user and want to continue to use the service without interruption, you need to register before 20 April 2021.

Registering as an NRS user is quick, easy, free and you only need to do it once.

User registration will help the NRS deliver a better service.

To register, you need to complete a form and provide a copy of a support document that has your name and address on it.

Different ways to register

There are lots of different ways you can register, including:

  • By post:

    You can download a registration form online, complete it, and post with a copy of your support document to:

    National Relay Service
    PO Box 691
    Ballarat VIC 3353

    The NRS Helpdesk can also post the form to you if needed.

What happens if I don't register by 20 April 2021?

You can still register at any time after 20 April 2021.

But if you're not registered by the 20 April you will not be able to make or receive calls through the NRS except for calls to emergency services, without seeking assistance from the NRS Helpdesk.

Registration can take up to two business days to process.

If you register before 20 April 2021 you will avoid any interruption to your use of the NRS.

Have questions or need help with registering?

For more information about NRS user registration see our Frequently Asked Questions.

For information about registering in Auslan—visit the Auslan video on National Relay Service user registration requirements webpage.

If you need help to register or have any questions about registration, the NRS Helpdesk can also help.

The NRS Helpdesk is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm (AEST, excluding national public holidays). You can also leave a message outside these hours and a Helpdesk staff member will get back to you.

There are a number of ways to make contact with Helpdesk staff:

Phone: 1800 555 660
TTY: 1800 555 630
Fax: 1800 555 690
SMS: 0416 001 350
Online: Online form
Email: helpdesk@relayservice.com.au.

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