OR 15: Crashes resulting in Car Occupant Fatalities: Side Impacts


This report examines data relating to all car crashes occurring in Australia in 1990 where at least one occupant fatality resulted from an impact to the side of the vehicle. In total 34% of all cars with occupant fatalities sustained a side impact, with equal numbers of such impacts occurring to the driver and passenger sides. While side impacts were found to be more likely to occur in urban areas and involve a collision between vehicles at an intersection, this situation is far from typical. For example, 40% of all fatal crashes occur in rural areas and 59% occur mid-block (ie away from intersection). In addition 40% of side impacts result from a collision with a fixed object such as a tree or pole rather than being hit by another vehicle.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Other Report
Author(s): Ginpil, Attewell & Jonas
Topics: Fatality, Occ protection
Publication Date: 07/02/95