CR 78: An in-depth study of rural road crashes in South Australia (1988)


An intensive on-scene study of crashes on rural roads outside of towns was carried out from June 1986 to July 1987 in an area of roughly 100 kilometres radius around Adelaide, South Australia. A two man team comprising a social scientist and a physical scientist gathered information by detailed examination of the scene of each crash and the vehicles involved, and by interviewing the participants in, and witnesses of, the crash. The team was notified of crashes through the regional centres of St. John Ambulance Service. A total of 80 crashes were investigated. This was a 14% sample of the 577 calls to crashes. Fifty-six crashes involved loss of directional control. The loss of directional control was due to various combinations of driver, vehicle and environmental factors.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Consultant Report
Author(s): G A Ryan, J N Wright, R W Hinrichs and A J McLean
Topics: Crash data, Injury, Rural
Publication Date: 01/12/88