Transitional General Licence Reports Summary 2012–2013

Category of Trade Cargo Description Total Volume Volume/Amount Type
Dry Bulk Alumina 907,867 MT
Dry Bulk Cement 200,552 MT
Dry Bulk Clinker 152,734 MT
Dry Bulk Coal 167,891 MT
Dry Bulk Dolomite 75,150 MT
Dry Bulk Fertiliser 11,339 MT
Dry Bulk Flyash 15,784 MT
Dry Bulk Gypsum 963,342 MT
Dry Bulk Iron Ore 156,690 MT
Dry Bulk Mineral Sands 271,908 MT
Dry Bulk Other 220,396 MT
Dry Bulk Sugar 308,194 MT
General Cargo 20Ft Container 5,480 MT
General Cargo 40ft Container 473 MT
General Cargo Beverages 72 MT
General Cargo Break Bulk 7,030 MT
General Cargo Machinery 1,642 MT
General Cargo Other 807 MT
General Cargo Reefer Cargo 755 MT
General Cargo Road Vehicles and Transport Equipment 375 Units
General Cargo RoRo 4 Units
Petroleum Petroleum Clean 3,114,773 MT
Petroleum Petroleum Dirty 126,720 MT