Final consultation: nbn non-commercial services funding options

The government is considering new ways that nbn fixed wireless and satellite services can be funded.

Why we want your input

We've considered options to put these changes in place, but you may be able to help us find other ways.

How you can voice your opinion

By providing a response to the consultation paper. Responses can be against all or some of the questions in the consultation paper.

What will be the outcome of this consultation?

Your input will help us consider all the issues that could happen with these changes.

The Issue

nbn delivers high-speed broadband across all Australia including in regional and remote areas. nbn currently uses the money it makes from delivering broadband in highly populated areas to fund (or cross-subsidise) fixed wireless and satellite broadband in areas with low populations. We need to find out how much it costs and consider ways that other telecommunications companies can help pay for these services.

In May we published an initial consultation paper and received your views on the issues.

This consultation provided an opportunity to comment on the findings and recommendations in our final consultation paper. The submissions received informed our report to government.

Relevant Documentation

NBN non-commercial services - Final Consultation Paper

Published 13th Oct 2015

Download PDF (2.03 MB) Download DOC (1.53 MB)

NBN non-commercial services - Final Consultation Paper


Submissions have been received and are available below.

The BCR has responded to these submissions in a final report to government.


13 Oct 2015 09:00 AEDT
03 Nov 2015 17:00 AEDT
This consultation is closed.