Broadcasting Services Determination to give certainty to industry as reforms progressed

The Australian Government has made the Broadcasting Services (“Broadcasting Service” Definition—Exclusion) Determination 2022 as part of its first steps toward the delivery of broader and long-lasting media reforms.

Last month, the Minister for Communications released a consultation paper seeking views on a proposal to remake the Broadcasting Services (“Broadcasting Service” Definition—Exclusion) Determination 2019 for a finite period.

This option maintains the regulatory arrangements that have been in place for broadcasting and streaming services for the past 22 years, and provides industry with regulatory stability and certainty while affording the Government sufficient time to consider and implement broader regulatory reforms.

The goal for the reform program is to consistently regulate services that make available ‘like’ content and support the achievement of key policy objectives with the flexibility to accommodate new and emerging services and technologies.

The Government is also committed to review the anti-siphoning scheme to give Australians more chance to watch, for free, events of national and cultural significance, and to legislate a prominence framework to ensure Australian TV services can easily be found on connected TV platforms.

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