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Regional research and data

The Department undertakes research, data collection and analysis related to issues affecting regional Australia. The information presented here allows policy makers, program administrators and researchers to understand the impacts their activities have on regional communities.

Progress in Australian Regions Dashboard

For the first time since its inception in 2014, the Progress in Australian Regions Yearbook has been released as an online interactive dashboard.

The Progress in Australian Regions Dashboard brings together information about Australia's regions from a range of different sources and presents that data in a consistent format over time. It is designed to answer the question of how our regions are progressing against a range of key indicators from the following themes:

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Enter Progress in Australia Regions Dashboard


The Progress in Australian Regions Dashboard was developed in close collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Dr David Gruen, Australian Statistician and Head of Data Profession, says: "The Progress in Australian Regions Dashboard is an innovative example of harnessing data to provide insight on Australia's regions. It demonstrates the value of organisations combining their expertise, allowing data to be used and shared so that we can all better understand and respond to the needs of regional Australia.”

Please note that this dashboard performs best in modern browsers.