Mapping telecommunications infrastructure in new developments

The Department has launched an interactive online map that allows Australians to see the carriers that are providing telecommunications in new developments.

The data is designed to help developers to locate carriers operating nearby networks, assist carriers to better coordinate the provision of infrastructure and enable people buying in new developments to check who is servicing their development.

The data provided by carriers will be available as open source on and will be mapped on the National Map, which will be displayed on the Department's website.

Currently, the provision of data by carriers is voluntary, however, mandatory requirements will be considered as part of the new carrier licence conditions, and more data will be added to the map over time.

The map supports the Government's policy for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. The policy aims to make infrastructure delivery more efficient and innovative by helping network providers compete better.

The Government is now working on a number of measures to support the policy and the map, including new carrier licence conditions to deliver minimum standards for telecommunications in new developments.

Carriers wishing to upload data onto the map should email the Department at to receive upload instructions.

You can view the data on the Telecommunications in new developments map page or by visiting the National Map.