Chapter 3: Key ATM Policy and Reference Documents

State Safety Programme
Australian Airspace Policy Statement—AAPS
Aeronautical Information Publication—AIP

Australia's ATMP is consistent with Australia's aviation safety objectives set out in Australia's State Safety Programme and the specific airspace and air traffic management policies outlined in the Australian Airspace Policy Statement. The ATMP also recognises Australia's international responsibilities to produce an Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) to inform air traffic users.

State Safety Programme

Annex 19 of the Chicago Convention requires contracting States to develop and implement a State Safety Programme.

Australia's State Safety Programme can be found on the Department's website at

Australian Airspace Policy Statement— AAPS

The Australian Airspace Policy Statement (AAPS) outlines the Australian Government's objectives and strategies for civil airspace administration.

The Government considers the safety of passenger transport services as the first priority in airspace administration.

The AAPS outlines specific airspace policy objectives:

  • support for ICAO's GASP, GANP, the Global Air Traffic Management Operations Concept (GATMOC) and use of ICAO airspace classifications;
  • the appropriate level of ATM services at regional aerodromes regularly served by passenger transport services, as determined by CASA; and
  • effective cooperation between CASA and Australia's ANSP; Airservices and Defence.

The AAPS outlines the Government's airspace strategy which is risk based, engendering evidence based decision making and supported by robust data collection and analysis in determining Australia's future airspace needs.

The AAPS sets out airspace criteria thresholds (e.g. passenger and aircraft movement numbers) which act as triggers for aeronautical risk reviews to be carried out by CASA, in consultation with the public, industry and other Government agencies.

Further information on the AAPS can be found on the Department's website at

Aeronautical Information Publication—AIP

Contracting States to the Chicago Convention are required to provide a document which records the State's aeronautical information, known as the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

The details of air traffic services, including the manner in which the services are provided, are published in the Australian AIP for:

  • a flight information area or a flight information region;
  • a control area or a control zone;
  • airspace of any class; and
  • a controlled aerodrome.

The Assessment of Flight Priorities (AFP) is published in Australia's AIP. The AFP sets out how Airservices" and Defence's air traffic controllers undertake aircraft operations to ensure safe, efficient and orderly management of air traffic.

Further information on the Australian AIP can be found at

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