Road Deaths Australia: 2004 Statistical Summary


This publication presents an annual statistical summary of Australian fatal road crashes and road deaths. This issue presents fatal crash data for 2004 and makes comparisons with 2003 and 1999.

The data derive primarily from the Monthly Fatal Crash Database compiled by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau using fatal crash unit record data forwarded from police and transport authorities in each State and Territory. This database covers all fatal crashes from 1989. For each crash, it records the State/Territory, date, time of day, day of week, speed limit at crash site and number of vehicles involved. For each person killed, sex, age and road user classification is recorded. Also recorded is whether or not a bus or articulated truck was involved. Use is also made of the Australian Bureau of Statistics data on population, vehicle registrations and motor vehicle usage for deriving road death rates.


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau gratefully acknowledges the provision of police road crash data by the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority,Vicroads, Queensland Transport, South Australia Police, Western AustralianPolice Service, Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources,Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Australian Capital Territory Urban Services.

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Type: Statistical Data Series
Publication Date: 31/12/04