Road Safety in Australia: A Publication Commemorating World Health Day 2004


The World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors World Health Day (usually on 7 April) each year to celebrate the anniversary of its founding in 1946.

Each year the event focuses on a particular health issue and fosters awareness, understanding, discussion and debate about the issue. The event also mobilises action to address the issue through prevention or treatment.

In recent years, themes for World Health Day included healthy environments for children, physical activity, mental health, safe blood, active ageing, safe motherhood, emerging infectious diseases, healthy cities for better life, and global polio eradication. In 2004, for the first time since World Health Day commenced in 1950, the day has been dedicated to road safety.

World Health Day attempts to involve a wide range of people at the local, national and international levels. These include health professionals, officials in government, industry and the international development community, and children.

The slogan for World Health Day 2004 "Road Safety Is No Accident" suggests that road safety does not happen accidentally, but requires a deliberate effort by governments and their many partners.

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Type: Safety Education Material
Topics: Education
Publication Date: 01/11/04