Concept Modification Approach to Pedestrian Safety: A Strategy for Modifying Young Children's Existing Conceptual Framework of Speed


Four possible outcomes have been proposed for the situation where children are taught concepts that are in direct conflict with their prior beliefs (Gilbert, Osborne and Fensham, 1982). These are: no conceptual change occurs (undisturbed outcomes); two theories are developed that are mutually exclusive and are used according to circumstances (the mini- theory is reserved for the realities of living and the formally taught concept used in the unreal atmosphere of school); the naive concept may actually be reinforced as a result of the teaching process (reinforced outcome); and finally the desired result, the naive concept (mini-theory) is rejected or modified as a result of teaching process.

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Type: Research and Analysis Report
Sub Type: Grant
Author(s): Cross (La Trobe Uni)
Topics: Child, Pedestrian, Speed
Publication Date: 01/01/89